Would 100% recommend if you are looking for a lifestyle change but want to keep it easy. Thank you Luba!!


Handy to travel with and to use at work. Long life battery. Very smart design. Love it.


Really surprised by this! I was convinced that I could only make smoothies at home with my SUPER LOUD nutribullet... not anymore. Luba legit changed everything . :) 


Luba's Love Diary

  • Giving is more Fulfilling

    A post about spreading separating selfishness and selflessness. Quit being a sponge of energy. Learn to love, accept and return energy and grow. Read here to gain a wider perspective. 

    Send that energy straight back out!
  • About Luba and about Love.

    A post about spreading love, selflessness and all things in between (kindness, forgiveness, generosity). There is a huge misconception about love… and that's okay. Read here to gain a wider perspective. 

    There is nothing but 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 in life. In fact, the energy of life is love. Not the typical image of fairytale love. But a deeper form of love... 

 Love, everybody needs it. So here it is. Luba. 

"Bring love with you wherever you go, nourish your mind and body with the delicious things you can make with me. "

luba. xo

Love now, Love today, Love Tomorrow.